Sky Funeral

by Water Spaniel

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The Goon
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The Goon I like it! Dark, warm and fuzzy, like a depressed wittle kitty. The ghost of My Bloody Valentine lives here too. This will definitely be on my summer playlist.
Don Salamon
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Don Salamon I sat on this a bit because I didn't want my initial enthusiasm to cloud my review... I shouldn't have this band and this album is this shit.

Fucking great!
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Sky Funeral was written and recorded from summer 2015 to winter 2015/2016. It is the end of an era for Water Spaniel and the beginning of another. This is (potentially but not definitely) Jonathon's last album with us. We put a lot of work into it over a much longer amount of time than we did our other works. It is an album we made for ourselves and now we want to give it to you. Share it with your friends and family and pets. Play it when you're happy, sad, mad, or lonely. Play it for yourself. Play it for others. Play it loud.

There is only sky here

<3 WS


released March 13, 2016

Forrest Philpot - vocals/guitar
Dylan Crouch - guitar
Jesse Mansfield - bass/guitar/viola
Jonathon Hernandez - drums/synth

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by JM at the Crypt in Memphis, TN

Art by FP/JM/Haley Mitchell



all rights reserved


Water Spaniel Mississippi


WSEP - 5/6/14
WSII - 11/8/14
WSIII - 4/19/15
Sky Funeral - 3/13/16

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Track Name: Black Planet/Mega Blocks
bury me under the mountain i was once / folded over a sore bar that moves me to delta w kpin melting under my tongue / summer u had me / your summer is in me

do u?

trying sways in merigold pottery garden / knuckled wheel u steer into me in the afternoon / left it in Raymond creek near i dreamed u in / call in unknown time & i will dream again
Track Name: Ghost Cop
smoke in lungs smoke in eyes thru window a bluing light
back of throat cough it out thru the door / self doubt

do u trust your enemies or yourself?
Track Name: Honey Island Swamp
the last of me where your back meets / torn down by your swinging / passenger in undress w dropped mouth at your waistband / scale down w your arms out the two months i gave myself

do u want me to say that i want u to stay? did u already know?

be the first thing i see when I’m awake / your shirt on the floor between a carpet burn and u turning me / cut down / arms next to me / I’m just listening to what u did to me
Track Name: Back Space
standing outside / we were wasted / your mouth & your light still in my skin / unsettled w the way things have settled down / always hope you’ll be okay despite knowing i’m not for now

u burn me & i’ll burn u & leave circles that u drew

walk me upstairs / tell ourselves we’ve got the nite / devastate me on your floor so i’ll forget the closing rite / in may at 2am wrestling restlessness / send me reasons you’re away then back space everything instead
Track Name: Gravegrass
black gravegrass / bonedust spoon / summon it in solstice moon
skeletons from the ground / blue spirit in me now
ghosted hit / uncaged rib / black lung curse / ashes turn
green demon from soaked root / stone & burn darkened fruit
Track Name: Half Mattering
hunted under a spell i thought u would melt / thought it would melt / but it don’t / but u don’t / faucet a spigot undone / if you’re bottoming out i’ll follow u down in our wrecked submarine to prove it would sink

turquoise in yellowing field / did we think this was real when our friends knew the deal & knew when we broke from the treadmarks u wrote / so get high & forget i’m just losing your trust again in a rush / don’t think of me now six months from your doubt
Track Name: Nite Hammock
smoke myself to sleep again / think about u driving / smoke myself awake again / one of us is moving / you said that i’m like losing & good at it or useless / if it means this much to know i’m good know me when i’m not undone
Track Name: Whereabouts
unlatching my skin / letting u float down into me / I’m still wearing the sleeves u left hanging on me when u drove home to sleep / pipes still sit in our mouths & we’re letting out green shaded doubt / right arms tied into left legs tangled instead of pressed to ourselves / do u want to come down to see me & my mom / and i’ll rebuild your shelves

where’d i find u? the world is as u / the world’s as u are